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Yearbook Retouching

For use on yearbook images only. Yearbook Retouching will remove minor blemishes only and will not remove or soften lines, or skin imperfections.

Standard Retouching

Standard Retouching will remove blemishes, imperfections, moles (upon request), and soften lines and/or wrinkles on face. More intense retouching requires specific instructions and is based on retouching service time required.
Retouched images can be burned to a CD for $10.00 per order.


Restoration services are used for replacing and/or repairing missing, damaged or unwanted elements; for adding or removing images, people, and backgrounds.
For use in repairing severe acne, heavy facial shine, stray hair, remove braces, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, sharpening, and any service that requires additional artwork and that cannot be addressed by retouching.
Hourly Rate $25.00
Glassglare $11.58
Braces (Up) $15.00
Braces (Up/Down) $30.00
Order over $25.00 include a CD Burn at no additional charge.

ROES Catalog Price List

YB Only $2.85

Single Head $4.67

Double Head $7.42

3 Heads $9.67

4 Heads $12.27

5 Heads $14.88

*Prices subject to change without notice.